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Saving energy is becoming cheaper


Available to order new LED lights have proven themselves well in our market TM REY SHINE. This series of fixtures with a new original body design that enhances the heat removal capacity of the ..

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How much light your plants need?


Current who asked this question, certainly faced with an abundance of contradictory reports on the Internet, is recommended to measure the illumination light meter or check the data on the luminous ..

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Welcome to Интернет магазин ламп и светильников - Lampa-da
Our company has more than 20 years. Direction of development - energy-saving technologies in lighting. Professionally engaged in the modernization of the induction lighting industry. I would like to highlight the direction of greenhouse lighting for plants - is the area of lighting, which showed extraordinary success in recent years. The coin design, manufacture induction lamps TM SVETlichny. 
Just carry the sale of other promising energy efficient light sources such as LED, fluorescent, etc.

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